Why I write?

Thu May 09 2024

I've just read a blogpost from Robert Birming titled Why write? and decided to write this post.

So I asked myself the question: "Batuhan, why you're writing? What was the reason to start and what is the reason to continue now?".

Before this blog, I've tried to start a blog in Turkish at Medium back in 2019. It was a simple blog that I reviewed Linux distros and shared my thoughts about them. In total I wrote 4 posts and they got me 3 reads in 2 years. The reason for me to start that blog was to teach Linux to people and maybe create a community from that. But I didn't found the motivation to continue it and I ended that by deleting that account.

And now. When I started this blog 2 years ago only thing I had in my mind was to learn stuff and write them. Just like a public notebook full of tutorials. But after writing my first 3 posts, I changed my mind. Because it felt pointless.

A blog full of tutorials didn't had any difference than a casual Linux news site.

And at those times I started to follow other blogs that I listed on my blogroll and got an idea of how should my blog really be.

A personal blog, as the name suggest should be personal and should contain the writers experience on it's content or should reflect what we think and not what others think.

And after that I started to write with 1 goal and that is to show people what I know and what I think about it. It also helps me to clean my mind from thinking same thing over and over again.

So in the end if you ask me the question "Why you write?", my answer will be simple:

Because I love sharing stuff and I need to clean my mind.

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